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Telecom Safety Compliance Management – TracFax Helps You Easily Track, Review, and Audit Safety Requirements

Give your Teams on site and in the back office everything they need to manage and track safety compliance. Review certificates, Generate Reports and Track Safety Requirements in just a couple of clicks. Keep everyone up to date with all the safety requirements and trainings.
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Find your perfect match! Service providers are automatically matched with most suitable projects within TracFax

TracFax provides the tools to match projects with the most qualified service providers. Matching service providers does not have to be tedious or a frustrating task. With TracFax it won’t be.
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Image Geotagging and Time & Date Stamping – We Got Them!

Let your Quality Control know when and where the images were collected and eliminate cell site return visits due to missed photos or incomplete data.
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Accident Prevention – Site Emergency Rescue Plan and Other Safety Features Accessible within TracFax Platform

A safe workspace saves lives! Check out how TracFax helps customers take steps to prevent accidents and implement Rescue Plan in the most effective way possible.
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Safety Matters! – How TracFax streamlines Job Safety Analysis (JSA) Forms

Are you still using paper based JSAs on-site? These days are finally over with TracFax Platform!
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