Property Binders
Certified Contractors

Power your Properties with a Cloud Provider

Owners of commercial properties are able to track all the day-to-day details of their investments.  Stay up-to-date with the latest technologies without worrying about system management and maintenance costs.  With our Property-First Technology, you can standardize operations on a flexible cloud platform ready to meet your current needs and scalable to support future growth. 

Controlled & Secured Access to your Documents

Ensure the privacy and security of your documents with controlled access, by creating, sending, and storing your real-estate documents digitally to ensure integrated functionality.  Get real-estate contracts signed using an electronic signature to speed up the transaction process.

Share the Platform

Attract Owners & Tenants

Take matters into your own hands by formulating your marketing plan.  Share your property portfolio, such as 360 photos, documents, and improvements made. As your customers’ businesses grow and their needs for space become greater, renewed confidence in your management team could mean big money down the line.

Mobile Inspections

Exceptional Maintenance Plan in Place

Conducting annual inspections is critical, but replacing manual with mobile inspections saves time & improves accuracy. Use internal inspections to preemptively check for areas of concern on a scheduled basis or prior to inspection from a governing agency.

Centralized Database

Reduce Overhead & Bring Employees Together

Increase your organization’s efficiency with a centralized database equipped to authorize remote users for real-time access. Within a single-connected solution, TracFax provides the ideal environment for a mobile or distributed workforce. A TracFax-hosted solution lets you run your properties as if all your offices are under one roof.  It allows employees to access up-to-the-minute reporting, post-real-time activity, and share files securely.

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