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Everything is tied back to the property where it belongs.

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Wireless Infrastructure

Wireless now has its own network. Imagine being able to see a complete history on all your towers. History defined as records, projects, tasks, notes, images, inspection, contractors, engineers, site acquisitions, and future planning. 

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TracFax enables Cities to work directly with each of their Departments and Clients by managing real-time projects and storing important information.

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Providing innovative solutions to restaurants, offices, retail space, warehouses. Use internal inspections to preemptively check for areas of concern on a scheduled basis or prior to inspection from a governing agency.  Reoccurring projects for annual grounds maintenance, preventative building maintenance, and even cleaning are available.

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Presents you with a range of options to manage capital improvement bidding and project completion, inspections for state and federal agencies, as well as staff management for smaller maintenance items.

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TracFax offers the ability to follow your home from initial build, complete remodel, or small maintenance projects.  Store all of your information from the make and model of your stove to the dimensions of your furnace filter so you always have access to everything in your home at your fingertips.


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  • “The big item is the crews actually want to use the system and some foreman has seen the system and have asked to be apart of the trail. this is huge because without crew buy in its just another system. “

    Bob Selisker
    Regional manager
  • “We’re going to make our dollars stretch further and have a bigger impact for those who benefit from our work, allowing us to hire more people and stabilize more homes for people in our community.”

    Chad Schwitters
    Executive director
  • “This is going to provide easier management in the back and forth with our clients in managing these telecommunications projects that we have, and they tailored the software for us. This is meeting our goal of having a simple way to manage them.”

    Dan Zienty
    Senior Project Leader
  • “We love it! From a construction lender’s perspective, I have found TracFax to be a streamlined way to share information with our investors, banking partners, builders, inspectors, and staff. With the ability to load as much or as little as needed to view the project details like photos, inspection reports, and documents, it has greatly simplified our processes and keeping tabs on our property’s progress. I especially like the real-time information available with the simplicity of an app at our fingertips.”

    Kathryn Johnson
    Chief Operating Officer

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Working at TracFax means being able to commit resolutely to one thing and growing from it.  As an individual and as a whole – in a technology driven company that utilizes efficient software solutions for our clients in the US.  Once you experience it you’ll want to stay.

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  • Easy Real-Time Project Management
  • Live Data Sharing
  • Overhead Reduction
  • Two-Sided Market Place
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