Property Binders
Certified Contractors

Manage All Your Properties

Boost your efficiency and simplify your property data storage with our digitized platform. Homeowners are now able to upload, edit and retrieve all the details with regard to their property all in one app. Take advantage of the ease in following your projects and tasks. Just with one click, create connections to subscribing service providers, vendors and collaborators to expand your network.

TracFax helps you to effortlessly manage your property. We aim to support and smoothen your record keeping, enhance data management and help you stay tuned with what matters to you on your property.

Digitized Biinder

Create a Digital Property

TracFax offers a digitized Biinder platform for a quick and easy property management. This tool enables users to upload, visualize and update property data from ownership documents to appliances’ warranty.

Create Big Projects or Tasks to Delegate

We made it easy to assign a task or project that needs to be complete. For example, a replacement or repairment of a plumbing system is only one click away from a contractor. Automated alerts and embedded calendar work to your advantage in tracking expiration dates and notifications.

Providers, Vendors & Collaborators

Expand your Network

In one click, connect to subscribing service providers, vendors and collaborators. The Biinder platform is not just a repository of data, it actively uses it to facilitate a smooth connection between the homeowner and the contractor or vendor.

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