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What Telecom Solutions to expect from TracFax in the New Year? Your goals, dreams, and ambitions within our Software Platform! Latest updates and integrations.

          In the last couple of years, the pandemic has been a time of tremendous technological innovation, strategic leadership, remote work, and embracing of cloud technology. TracFax is a dynamic cloud-based software platform that has proven to be the leading Telecom Platform as a Service (Paas), powerful and flexible enough to fulfill your unique business needs, workflow optimization; facilitating the development of more accurate work plans, forecast of schedules & revenue, as well as prevention of key problems before they can halt the business advancement.

What do Service Providers, Tower Owners, Carriers and Municipalities want in the coming year?

         Each of these entities expect a reliable software platform that would solve their Wireless Needs. They are all tired of incomplete data packages, low quality images, and missing safety forms. They are all exhausted by unnecessary site returns due to the late quality control feedback, un-labeled and/or missing site images, and definitely by the struggle of putting together a closeout package.

TracFax is the long-wanted platform that provides solutions to your wireless needs! We offer state-of-the-art software platform that will resolve all your issues and fulfill all your deployment desires. You asked-we listened. With TracFax, in the coming year, you can benefit from:

  • Automatically geotagged and time & date stamped pictures. It allows a real-time visualization and quality control of the uploaded images on site to eliminate unnecessary site returns due to incomplete, missing, or problematic photos.


  • Paperless Job Safety Analysis (JSA) Forms. They are securely stored and timely updated under the respective projects, containing the completed safety documentation, signatures and are immediately available to the back office in real-time, while crews are working on site.


  • Automatically create Close Out packages for a range of carriers. You can customize you close out package workflow including the forms and checklists for a quick data collection, organization and review all under one close out task.

What do Project Managers want in the coming year?

  • Track Projects, Tasks and Crews at your fingertips: With our intuitive and flexible platform, you can customize your dashboards and heat map to gain the necessary control and visibility of your projects and assets; develop accurate workflow plans, forecast schedules & revenue, and anticipate key problems before they can halt business development and scalability. Our cohesive approach to data and document management implies an easy import of data, set up of property and projects as well as fast templating and standardization enabling executive teams with unprecedented visibility and informational centralization.  


  • Seamless Integration, Quick Results & Minimal Business Disruption: We leverage a robust implementation strategy that quickly creates tangible benefits with a low risk of business disruption. You control the pace at which new implementations become operational and start providing value. Need a PaaS that symbiotically works with other information software? TracFax enables a smooth and organic integration of other APIs for your convenience without the disruption of your previously established work processes.


  • Proven and Rapidly Tangible Return on Investment (ROI): While competing platforms may take years to implement and even longer to establish an effective ROI, our platform implementation helps your business quickly uncover and optimize financial inefficiencies, streamline workflow processes, and make valuable data-driven decisions. When it comes to informed decision-making, there is no room for gut feeling and instincts. With TracFax tools, the executive teams can see all the data in one place – and make the right decisions at the right time.

In the coming new year, reward yourself with the smart solutions that TracFax platform offers to help structure your team’s internal processes for a maximal effectiveness. Don’t let this big opportunity slip through your fingers. Unlock your full potential for growth and scalability, and a productive and efficient deployment!

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