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Image Geotagging and Time & Date Stamping – We Got Them!

The wireless industry’s ever-changing requirements can be difficult to keep up with. TracFax is here to help carriers gain more flexibility with data integration and business operation all accomplished within a single platform. For instance, image geotagging and time & date stamping is one of the common requirements in the industry and TracFax has it seamlessly embedded in its platform.


Image geotagging and time & date stamping can be done from your mobile device. No more switching cameras or using additional apps – you can do all the required work within TracFax with a couple of clicks!

Our software provides automatic geotagging and date & time stamping of all the photos taken at the cell site. This feature allows technicians in the field to:


Prove that they are at the correct site.

Show that they take the pictures at a specific date and time, eliminating confusion between old and recent works as well as confirming the time frame of project completion.

Eliminate Cell Site Return visits due to missed photos or incomplete data as once online, the stamped photos are immediately available for Quality Control staff in the office for feedback while techs are still on site.

With TracFax, all the uploaded photos contain the necessary metadata for a better closeout workflow automation. Our software tools make it easy for Quality Control to assess the uploaded images for any errors or poor-quality with the ability to provide immediate feedback to the techs in the field. TracFax takes your Closeouts and Inspections to a different level! A process that previously took days, now takes a few hours!

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Reach out to us with any questions on how the image stamping works. Our team is here to help you succeed and give your business all the best tools. Click the Bar at the bottom of your screen to initiate a conversation with our team.

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