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Integrated Platform that starts with the Property-First

At any time in the life cycle of a property, you are able to view what has been done, what is being done, and what is expected.  When the life cycle is complete, transfer all of the information to the new owner as a part of the seller’s package. Thus, they have an accurate story of the property from the day they start ownership. 


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Whether you use TracFax to create new spaces, maintain your current properties, or renovate and upgrade aging portfolios, we have solutions to fit your needs.  Ask us about training to give you the best outcomes and ability to work. 

Did you know that

Inspections create a workflow

Owners of Apartments use TracFax to manage unit inspections for quarterly, bi-annual, and annual requirements of state and federal agencies. Use the template builder to create your own customized inspections that require checklists, photos, and notes. Generate projects that are biddable from deficiencies found in the inspection process. 

We are an expert in

Both small and large projects can be tracked and updated during the entire process.

Track the following:

  • History of projects
  • Checklist of photo evidence when work is completed
  • Geo-tagged photos
  • Add pricing line items, contracts, and all pertinent information

Bidding is Free to Service Providers

Unlike other platforms that charge to bid, TracFax bidding platform is free to the Service Provider. When a Project is created and ready to be bid on, the project is then sent to service providers either ours or yours or both.  You can then view these bids side-by-side and award your projects to the suitable service provider.

Two-Sided Marketplace

TracFax offers access to an extensive list of Service Providers at no additional cost. Service Providers sign up to connect with the available projects that are sent out by our Clients. We use our algorithm to match your Projects to Service Providers who specialize in the work you requested in your area. Make sure to try out the Auto-Match on your next project and see if you can find a new preferred vendor!

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