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Find your perfect match! Service providers are automatically matched with most suitable projects within TracFax

U.S. telecom networks are faster and more ubiquitous than ever, especially after the roll out of 3G, 4G and now 5G networks, yet due to COVID-19 pandemic it has become­­ harder to find projects in the telecom sector. To our knowledge, there are no currently existing online platforms focused on telecom industry shaped to match service providers/contractors/subcontractors with available projects. TracFax is the cloud-based platform that conveniently and cost free includes such matching features.

Made by Telecom Specialists, for Telecom Specialists

TracFax is an online platform and network created for many sectors including wireless that enables service providers looking for project-based work to be matched with companies looking to hire these-project-based employees. TracFax provides the tools to bridge the gap between you and your network, opening lines of communication with telecom professionals and as a result, thousands have successfully found suitable work projects. With TracFax, companies can track new opportunities that open up on daily basis, grow reputation & financial wellbeing.

Since the system was designed by telecom specialists, it is built to be efficient, easy-to-navigate and reliable.

How Efficient, Easy-to-Navigate & Reliable are we Talking?

TracFax technology has features that are unique to this platform.

The system is simple and straight forward: fill out your profile including the information regarding the provided services, area of operation, and recommendations (if applicable) and you are all set to be matched with suitable projects. When matched with a project, it is important to take action of accepting or declining it as that will increase your reputation within the system. As you deploy projects, get reviews and scores, you will gain more opportunities to be matched with new projects. Besides, TracFax system allows you to directly contact the company/company representative(s) that posted the job offer for project clarification, price negotiation, additional details and materials using the chat system within the platform. The accepted projects will be displayed on the map along with the relevant project details and deadlines.

Here’s where the system gets really smart

The embedded proprietary AI scans the posted projects and automatically compares their parameters with the qualified service providers. This system makes sure that the applicants are the most relevant to the posted job thus, taking the tedious part of searching through hundreds of job listings on many sites and social media boards out of your hands! Simply log in to TracFax and be matched with the most relevant projects to your profile and start working in the matter of minutes.

The system is so user friendly that there is really no excuse to try it out today. Get immediate notification if a new job/project has opened up where you are qualified. Matching service providers does not have to be tedious or a frustrating task. With TracFax it won’t be. Choose TracFax and you will save money and time looking for job/project match and networking!

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