Property Binders
Certified Contractors

Ensure Organizational Success

Each task, inspection, project, and property is shareable within your team and permission levels are able to be granted by an administrator so that everyone sees only what they need to or what pertains to their department at that time.  If the project or task is being worked on by a contractor, these are shared directly between the city and the contractor.  Any changes, updates, or problems are quickly transmitted to the team it has been assigned to so there is no delay in the workflow on the property. 


Manage developments that are currently proposed, recently approved, under construction, and now open.

State and County

From rail construction to many other construction projects, TracFax streamlines your workflow.

Park Bond

Build a Park System Plan by mapping out the road-map to park projects. Upload & share your project goals and concepts.

City Facility

Projects include construction to re-purposing existing buildings into a remodeled building.

Road Construction

Reconstruct the roadways, repair or replace utilities, concrete curbs, gutters, and sidewalks.


Overcome your challenges of water tower maintenance projects by staying on top of the water tank and telecommunications equipment.

Purchasing Management

Best Procurement Methods

TracFax offers online purchasing management that allows vendors from all over the county to register online, to receive automated e-mail notices, to receive City solicitations for upcoming projects, and to submit bids online.  Conduct various competitive bidding processes to obtain the best pricing for the City.  The processes will vary allowing same-day projects to a three-month process for a large and complex construction project.


Expanded Awareness & Visability

Committed to transparency in government by making project information available online.  Track progress of all active construction projects managed.  No matter where the organization operates, have the ability to impact all those it touches–from staff and those it serves to the wider community at large.  

Budget Tracking

Real-Time Traceability of Budgets

TracFax puts so much more than just an overview of your properties into the palm of your hand.  It includes budgets and budget tracking into your projects to keep you on track and within approved funding.  The platform provides city governments with direct access to long-term development plans and establishes a technical intermediary to assist in identifying investment priorities.

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