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ARC Stream – How Can a Plug-In Save You Time & Money?

ARC Stream is a plug in offered by TracFax to help you easily create, upload, and use all of your proprietary videos for training and daily use that links directly to TracFax.  General Contractors can now quickly embed their own videos into projects, tasks, and other notes.  Set up training courses with videos linked right...
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Partnering with Service Providers

What this means for Property Owners and how it can affect reduce your costs on your next project.
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Team Management – Introducing “Users”

Introducing our newest feature for your company, USERS This addition to our TracFax toolset gives Administrators of the account the ability to manage their staff and teams in a single place.  You are now able to manage your staff’s property permission, property access, groups, and outside contacts.  Easily handle all of your staffing and contact...
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