Property Binders
Certified Contractors

Wireless Infrastructure

Improve your Workflow, Standards & Communication

A project manager’s best friend with live-tracking, follow up and history. You can have the accountability of daily safety walks, checklists that you can verify by the back office reports. The data can be pulled in real-time or 10 weeks later.    

Protected and backed up.

Data, Data, Data!

Easily access site closeout packages, punch lists, A & E drawings, photos, project history, maintenance records, and safety updates.  This is all data.  Data points are needed to track the history of projects, constant communication, towers, rooftops, contractors and more.  With data, you can pull what you need, when you need it, even a year later when you have yet another upgrade project.

Remotely validate real-time.

Live Tracking

Track sites to be managed, projects, people & subcontractors.  With detailed directions and geo-tagged pictures, workers and PMs can update and follow the status history for each site to track project updates.




Fewer go-backs.
Configurable Workflow

Customizable workflow provides closeout data.  Walk through closeout packages reducing step-by-step comeback visits, by creating standardized checklists that your team can check off.  Remotely validate real-time with 360 photos and review prior to crew leaving the site.  



Access for all involved.


From site managers, tower crews, PM’s, turf vendors, A&E teams to much more, collaboration becomes simplified as real-time is available.  Give limited time access to those that need it for just the sites they are working on.  Verify and review information as it’s all saved and backed up in the cloud.  



Remote Access & Management

Collaborate anytime, anywhere. Work from home, office or on-site, as all information is available on any device.

Training Information & Tutorials

Whether you’re working with internal crews or external contractors you’ll be working with the same data set.  Training is available in multiple ways, PowerPoint, Video & On-Site.  

Provider Guarantee

Trust TracFax to match the right provider and manage the projects.

Closeout Perfect 

Remote automated project closeouts, with amazing 360 tour option.

Standardized Workflow

Standardize from information gathering to closeout.  Pre-site inspections, audits, upgrades and much more.

Working Together Using the Same Data Set

End user database allows multiple users to work together in the same data base.

Daily Reporting Automated

Get detailed reports for projects sent out to users to deliver useful information in a proactive way.

Third Party Plug-Ins and API

Connect your information with your clients’ software to avoid repetitive work, and keep it in one location.

Production Time Benefits

Today’s Average Workflow

Crew per day 

  • Safety2 hours
  • Daily Reporting30 minutes
  • Project/Task Prep2 hours
  • Site Access & Details1 Hour
  • Closeout2 Hours
  • Production Time24.5 hours

TracFax Standardized Workflow

Crew per day

  • Safety1 hour
  • Daily ReportingAutomated
  • Project/Task Prep5 minutes
  • Site Access & Details 5 Minutes
  • Closeout1 hour
  • Production Time30 Hours

Cost & Time Statistical Savings

Value proposition based on crew of 4 techs x 8 hours a day
Field crews
hours per day/per crew hourly saving
Total for 10 crews per day
Days a Week
Hours a Week
Weeks a Year
Yearly savings with 10 crews.
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