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Safety Matters! – How TracFax streamlines Job Safety Analysis (JSA) Forms

Are you still using paper based JSAs on-site? These days are finally over with TracFax Platform!

Let us introduce you to the new era of Digitized JSAs – built for you to save time, seamlessly update changes, retain, and effectively document employee signatures.


By using JSA forms within TracFax, you will increase efficiency by cutting time losses related to daily filling out of JSAs on site.  

By using JSA forms within TracFax you benefit from:


Paperless JSAs – no more printing and carrying papers around.

One-time fill out form that can be updated and reviewed digitally on daily basis. Thus, there will be no more need in rewriting information about property, site location, scope of work, emergency contacts, employee names, etc.

Simple fill out process – minimal writing with a fast checking out boxes.

Signing JSAs for staff is simple & can be done digitally, via phone while logged in TracFax.

Final form can be saved with one click and downloaded as a .pdf file.

TracFax solves Telecom problems our competitors cannot by helping our customers do the job the safest way in record time.

Unlock the ability to digitize and automate JSA form completion using our innovative cloud-native platform!

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