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Accident Prevention – Site Emergency Rescue Plan and Other Safety Features Accessible within TracFax Platform

Safety Safety Safety!

A safe workplace protects employees from injury and illnesses. Moreover, studies overwhelmingly show that a safe workplace reduces cost, increases productivity, optimizes workflow, lowers employee absence and turnover, and generally, positively reflects on company’s reputation.

Regardless, we can all agree that organizing and following the best workplace safety practices is simply the right thing to do and TracFax is here to help you achieve that.


At TracFax, we want to help our customers identify hazards and take steps to prevent or mitigate them in the workplace as well as implement Rescue Plan in the most effective possible manner.


Our software platform enables clients to use:


360° images – to identify site access, corrosion, and other safety violations identified during site walk and/or pre-construction processes.

Drone footage – to easily inspect guy lines and safety lines on a tower.

Embedded Rescue Plan – to effectively perform an emergency response.

Locating System for the nearest healthcare facility/hospital in case of an accident on site.

Conveniently for our users, TracFax facilitates the implementation of Rescue Plan by providing an easy access to company information, directions to the worksite, local emergency numbers, nearest occupational healthcare facilities, and others – all built to save lives.

We consider accident prevention to be of primary importance in all the phases of operation and administration within Telecom Industry and thus, provide the best possible solutions to help the industry stay safe at the workplace.

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