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TracFax Breaks into the Wireless Industry

As the telecom industry embraces the opportunities that come with a more connected world, they are also facing significant challenges due to a surge in media consumption, pressure on bandwidth, and the burdens on networks.  These all point in the direction to build more modernized architecture and reconfigure infrastructure.   Having a cloud-based software platform helps the wireless industry accelerate their transformation and evolve with changing customer needs to keep the world connected.    

Key Features

TracFax now offers a cloud-based management operation and data management system for information between companies on complex construction and engineering projects.  Its key features include A-Z project management, from project bidding, 360s, Job Safety Analysis, closeout completion, punch list items, audits, training videos and much more.  All of which can be done conveniently through a mobile app, offering a hub for team collaboration that integrates everyone into one platform. Project management has never been more simplified.  Best yet, everything can be tracked through live data to enhance and maximize direct communication with contractors and customers.

Ease and Convenience

A common myth about platforms is that it’s too difficult and technical for the average person to understand.

On the contrary, live data can be deceptively simple.  All you need is a laptop or PC computer or through a mobile phone; an internet connection and you are good to go.  Better yet, TracFax offers an offline application allowing construction photos to be uploaded later when internet is available.

Secure Data Sharing & Data Exchange

Improve collaboration by easily sharing data across your organization and beyond with suppliers, other contractors, and your customers.  TracFax enables you to securely share data without having to copy or move data.  Govern access to all data by granting and revoking access, tracking access, and implementing advanced data security controls.  You can also conveniently have automated direct reporting making life a whole lot easier.


With our experienced skilled team that has been working from the ground up, training taps into the potential of your employees enabling them to demonstrate the conduct required for their job in every situation in an organized and purposeful manner.  In this respect, we offer a range of learning instruments to cater to all types of learning preferences.  This includes PowerPoints, video training, online training and even hands-on training at the construction site.

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As TracFax breaks into the Wireless Industry, why not try it out?

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