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360 Photos & Videos- Learn How They Can Be Useful

Frequently Asked Questions

360’s photos are not just panoramas- they’re a whole new medium, and how you preserve and view your photos will never be the same.  Thanks to the rise in 360 cameras, it’s accessible to everyday consumers- not just the super tech-savvy. 

  1. Gateway to New Marketing Platform- With TracFax you can increase your engagement by 70%.  Instead of writing blog posts, creating infographics, you can create interactive 360 videos.
  2. Unlimited Possibilities for Viewers- From utilizing 360 videos for security purposes to cutting down the time to 1 photo instead of 15 to encapsulate all the information to watching key events, there are endless possibilities.
  3. Image Content is Emotive and Memorable- They conjure up more emotion and engagement than a normal 2D image or video.  This results in greater ‘word of mouth’ and interaction with your business.
  4. Credibility- Utilizing 360 photos & videos within TracFax can convey the message that your business is innovative.

What is a 360 camera?

It is a device that can combine two fisheye camera lenses into a sphere so it can capture everything around you with a click of a button.

Why exactly would you buy one when you have already got a smartphone camera on hand?

Well, if you look at how 360 images look vs a regular digital photo you will be able to experience what you might call a “surroundie,” rather than a selfie. It captures the real, intangible feeling of a moment almost in real-time. You don’t just look at these photos- you experience them as if you have been teleported into the moment.

Can I share the 360, and if so how?

Sharing your 360, and with TracFax is could never be easier. Be able to upload all your 360 photos and view them directly on your property profile! You can use the offline app to upload the photos and be able to reference them anytime you wish. Keep an organized file of all your 360’s, and share them by simply having the other party’s email address. Once you share the photos via TracFax, the other party will be notified to create a profile from there they can view all the photos you have shared with them.

How to make 360 Photos?

Anyone can create a 360 photo with the right equipment. There are several ways you can do it, you can use a DSLR, point and shoot camera, an array of cameras, and one-shot solutions.

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