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Post COVID-19 and the New Normal

Working from home or remote officing is not a new idea but it wasn’t one that was really embraced in the US until recently.  With the emergence of COVID-19, and likely others to follow, home offices are potentially going to be a more common thing.  Hopefully, we won’t experience something of this magnitude again but it has certainly taught us that the old way of everyone sitting in an office or building together isn’t going to always be the way things work.  There is flexibility in that old office setting that we didn’t imagine and the ability to create that flexibility while encouraging productivity is a huge asset to any company.  Imagine being one of those companies that seamlessly transitioned from their daily office to their home office with barely a whisper of change. 

Home offices are a thing of the future that have become a necessity sooner than expected. 

Your office is set up with everything you need, right?  Your company database, all your offices paper files, your digital files in your desktop computer, and access to your internal communications systems.  Each of these and possibly more are integral to the work you do and how the team gets things done.  Track properties, check with your managers, have meetings, discuss inspections, plan maintenance or upgrade projects, and so much more is part and parcel to the daily life of a property owner or manager.  How do you transition that to working remotely in a smooth fashion?  Sure it is easy enough to do it for the executives, have the IT Department set it all up with remote access codes, printers, computers, and everything else.  What about the rest of your staff?  The ones who are managing the day to day, working with the minutia that goes along with managing property?  What about the small company who has an IT Department that consists of their friends 20-year-old nephew who is in school for computers?  Who do they call?  How long does it take you to get your senior management and regional management set up properly?

Is your office ready to transition quickly in case of an event that requires you need to shut down completely again?

TracFax users can easily answer, Yes! 

All they need is a home computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone to access everything their daily workload requires.  File and Data Storage linked directly to the property and your company on Arc-Drive mean you don’t need to remotely log into another drive to access your needed information.  Documents for projects are stored right on the property and ready to put out for bid rather than have a paper file and a phone to call all your vendors or sub-contractors.  Property Managers and Owners oversee all of the current projects by viewing who is clocked in on a project or task, seeing the progress via photos and comments, even check for any reported issues at any time.  Tracking of inspections has never been easier either.  See which ones have been completed, which are in progress, and view any repairs needed that were found in the inspection. 

There will always be advances in society, things that change the status quo, and the workplace is not one to hold on to the old ways forever.  Flexibility and a need to be able to work outside of that traditional office setting is already here and whether it be due to a virus pandemic or simply the need to be away from the office unexpectedly, TracFax offers a pliability that no other platform can come close to matching. 

At TracFax we say “Empower your Vison with Property-First Technology” and we are striving everyday to deliver that and more to our Clients.

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