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ARC Stream – How Can a Plug-In Save You Time & Money?

ARC Stream and what it can do for you

ARC Stream is a plug in offered by TracFax to help you easily create, upload, and use all of your proprietary videos for training and daily use that links directly to TracFax.  General Contractors can now quickly embed their own videos into projects, tasks, and other notes.  Set up training courses with videos linked right into TracFax. 

Implementing the use of ARC-Stream Videos into your workflow can increase productivity as well as reduce costs in training and losses due to improper use.  

All of this sounds nice, right? How is it going to save my business time and money?

Let us start with a couple of examples.  You are a General Contractor and you have a crew out doing a job.  This crew has a new member on the team who has been shadowing one of your more experienced members for a bit but it is time for them to work on their own.  You have a complicated piece of equipment that sometimes is a bit difficult to remember how to use or set up.  Have your best trainer do a demonstration video and link it up to ARC Stream.  This saves your new hire from making mistakes on the machinery that could be expensive (injury, broken machinery, damaged property) and it saves your more experienced members time because they don’t have to teach the new hire a second or fifth time on the same thing.    

Another example is when you are doing sub-contracted work or sending work out to a sub-contractor and there is a certain procedure that needs to be followed.  For example, labeling of installed equipment or electrical components.  There are certain rules and guidelines that need to be followed on each Project and having a video to share with either your internal team or sharing with a sub-contractor, ensures that the job gets done correctly. 

Now these are just two small ways to implement ARC Stream into your business strategy.  We would love to hear ideas of new ways that we can improve the ARC Stream system and on how you are using it in your daily work flow so that we can help others improve theirs too!

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