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As an owner of property, there will always be a need for service providers.  No matter what type of building, property, or space you own or manage, there will be work that needs to be done to either develop it, remodel and upgrade, or keep it in good repair.  Even property owners and managers with their own internal crews and maintenance will need help, at least occasionally, with tasks and projects that are outside of the scope of their own staff.  Sometimes it isn’t even that it is outside your staffs’ abilities, sometimes it is just one thing too many that needs to be handled immediately.  TracFax is here to help. 

Your current Service Providers should be included.

We know there is that lawn company that you have used for the last 5 years and a vendor who comes every year to inspect your fire suppression system.  They know your property inside out and backwards.  It is easy for you to use them because you don’t have to reintroduce them each time to what you need or where it is.   

Looking at the big picture, have their costs changed in the last few years, have there been advances in areas of industry that your vendors haven’t informed you of that could lower your costs?  Sometimes it is just easier to call up the same company year after year to do the same job and pay whatever price they give you. 


Setting up your current Service Providers is a great way to include them on your next project and bring them potential future business by being a TracFax Service Provider.  

Our ability to match your project with the right service provider is one key to the sustainability of our platform.

Utilizing our Service Providers and automatically matching them to your upcoming projects allows you to not only use all of the services within the Project or Task but allows you to breathe new life into your bidding system. 

We do encourage you to include your current providers on the TracFax platform.  You will set them up as a Preferred Vendor for your company and they will be first in line for bidding for that specified project.  We offer free training to all Service Providers to help them get better acquainted with the platform which gives you quality feedback and information on your projects.  An added benefit to them is now they have access to be added as a bidder for any other Property Owner with a project that falls under their specialty too!  This allows you to have more clarity in your bidding for Projects as well as can potentially increase business for your trusted Service Provider. 

So call up your Lawn Pros and your Framing Bros, email an invite to your Paving Partners and Contractors-R-Us and add them to your next project. 

We will get them trained if they need help and you will get peace of mind that you are getting a fair price for your next project or service contract.


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