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New Feature Added for Admins – Properties

Introducing - Properties

The Properties function is an Admin Panel function that is designed to manage your properties on a high level.  We know that some of our clients have just a few properties and they are easily managed with the original set up which is exactly how it was designed.  In recent months we have seen an increase in larger portfolios and a this created a need to manage thousands of properties at one time.  The Properties function now allows you to better do this. 

The basic things that you would like to see on a page with all your properties are there.  The ability to sort by property name, address, creation date, and when it was last accessed are all in place.  The search bar is in place too when you remember part of a name but it isn’t quite exactly right to use the sort functions.  But we know that is just the simple stuff and there are a much more intricate things you need to manage your portfolios.

Properties allows for bulk management of your property portfolio

Our Clients are a huge driver in our success and we encourage suggestions.

Some of the options that we have added were direct requests from clients.  You can now bulk upload your portfolio using a spreadsheet with basic information about the property including the Property Name, Address, and/or latitude and longitude coordinates.  For our clients with existing properties, the address is all that is needed but for our new construction projects and many wireless locations, lat/long are needed as there is no actual address for the location yet. 

Another extremely helpful feature are the Bulk Actions that have been enabled.  These are designed to help you manage the properties you have already added to your portfolio in TracFax.  Our first option is Mass Delete, this has been added to help you clear out properties that are no longer in your portfolio.  Did you have a sell-off of properties, are you no longer working with or managing a set of properties, you are now able to remove these from your list.  Mass Disable is another handy feature that allows you to “snooze” your properties while they are not active.  For companies that only do a few upgrades or repairs on locations every few years, the Mass Disable allows them to filter out the properties they don’t need to see on a daily basis.  Mass Activate does the opposite and allows you to turn those snoozed properties back on and show up on your Heat Map. 

Turn on and off properties with a click to better manage your daily workflow

Using the Access Log to view current information

A favorite option of our programing and development team is the Access Log.  As are going through your property portfolio and disabling or deleting properties, the Access Log makes it easy for you to see if the property has been active recently.  This allows you to see if there is possibly a property that may be active that you might have missed.  This Access Log displays who last accessed the property and when they did along with their role and their company, if you have shared a property, it might be still being accessed by the outside company.  It further allows you to view all of the actions that person took while viewing the property.  So you can see if they just viewed it or if they are actively working on it.  It also gives a full overview of the property activity, so you don’t have to check all of the inspections, all of the projects, and the property activity from the main property screen, you simply click on the access to see that full overview. 

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Support When You Need It

Please make sure to reach out and ask questions on how this new option works.  Our team is here everyday to help you succeed in your business and give you all the tools we can to do that.  Click the Chat Bar at the bottom of your screen or request a live training today!

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