Property Binders
Certified Contractors


Do you want to customize your search to be able to see only the properties of interest on the heat map? Creating and using Property Categories allows you to filter your search to suit your company’s individual needs. Today, we will focus on explaining how to add and use the Property Category feature to sort...
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TracFax offers many ways to monitor the progress of your projects whether they are onsite or still in planning and approval stages. For instance, the Progress Bar facilitates the overview of workflow and completion rate of a project. The Activity Report conveniently summarizes the status of each task. The “Clock In” feature helps tracking time...
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Do you occasionally find that a task or set of requirements is missing a step or there is something that needs to be recorded separate from the required task laid out?  Do you want your team to be able to quickly document changes or damage while accurately describing the issue to you? 
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