New Projects release update 07/15/2022

Date:07/015/2022  New Projects Release

  1. Item New Feature? Notes
    Safety & Compliance
    1 Standard Roles and Certificates Yes EXAMPLE DATA
    2 Ability to export an excel file with the list of internal staff and information on existing/missing/expired certificates (Certificates Page) No Live
    3 Ability to view the staff of a subcontractor (that are working on your projects) and review their certifications (Contacts Page) Yes Live
    4 Ability to Audit both internal staff and external contacts certification compliance in one Place (Compliance Page) Yes Live
    5 Ability to see when a certificate was changed or updated by internal staff and external contact yes Live
    6 Notifications about certificates expiring soon and expired for both internal and external users Yes Working in basic model (Beta Only)
    7 QR codes for compliance access Yes Backend complete / Working on display
    8 Send email fails to the user No Working in beta only
    9 Ability to confirm the process worked Yes Ready
    10 Info button next to the progress bar explaining what the colors mean and how the requirements or ascertained.  Pop-out from the right side. Yes Not ready
    11 Block a user within a company or from the audit page Yes Live
    12 Activity log for all things safety Yes Live
    13 Show email sent.  In the activity log and viewed by the end-user Yes Not ready
    14 Failed user needs acknowledgment on login popup for Forman and company contact. Yes Not ready
    Vendor Management 
    1 Ability to view compliance in the public domain Yes Live
    2 Notifications to vendors when a certificate has failed an audit. No emailing required Yes Beta only
    3 Ability to score vendors, leave feedback or rate the vendor and see general contractor’s company statistical data. (Contacts Page) yes Live
    4 Ability to Block a Vendor, with a requirement to explain why they were blocked.  Yes Beta only
    5 Ability to see all vendors on one map (their area of service) and the services they provide Yes Depends on other items, Not ready
    6 Ability to see the list of vendor’s staff (that is working on your projects) and their certifications  Yes Live
    7 Ability to keep Internal Notes for each vendor (Score Card) Yes Live

    Closeout Package
    1 When doing a bulk upload can you create a check system to notify us that a site already exists at that location? Yes This depends on the new search page. Live if you're user the new projects
    2 When doing a bulk upload can it create a report stating what was uploaded vs what failed to upload? Yes Live
    3 Can we incorporate the tower type as part of our bulk upload, redoing 3100+ is taking too long? Yes No date set yet
    4 Can you make attach the crew certs directly to the sites they work on, perhaps as part of the JSA section? Yes Live
    5 Live recording for AT&T. Discussed with Elizabeth today in more detail. Have multiple people view a live stream; ability to have a conversation back and forth; video time stamps that correlate with a checklist; No This is part of the new messaging system.  
    6 Can the property access be changed to project access? Yes live
    7 Can one of the specifications be renamed, never know if it should be the green or brown button? Yes New projects only
    8 Please move the Online -Need Help?  It covers several buttons. Yes Corrected
    9 So we upload documents in the “Project Information” on the project level.  Can we get a button that allows us to send them to the closeouts attached to the project? Yes This is part of the new projects
    10 When we create a checklist can we make it so we can import it from excel? Yes   Not done
    11 General users cannot access certs.  CMs, PMs, Closeouts all should be able to but currently, only admin can." Yes Moved contacts to the main menu. Standard users can now access them.

    Project Management:
    1 Complete rebuild of projects Yes Live
    2 Project Milestones page that contains filters, reflects a number of projects in a category/status and can have a group of users assigned to be notified when a project is moved to a particular category in the workflow. Yes Live
    3 Each project milestone has a subset of milestones for a more granular monitoring/management Yes Live 
    4 Project Milestone cards show the project completion progress bar, the status of the project from the subcontractor as well as its internal status. Yes Live 
    5 Added programs to projects  Yes Live
    6 Live Tracker with similar features as site tracker  Yes  Coming soon!
    - actions = Delete, duplicate, print Yes
    - invited count column Yes
    - bids count column Yes
    - last change date column Yes
    - active JSA column Yes
    - days left column Yes
    - days active column Yes
    - Past due count Yes
    - issues count Yes
    - recently completed count Yes
    - total active JSA Yes
    - filter button Yes
    - export button Yes
    - deactivated projects / search them the option Yes
    - Timesheet clock out projects requirement permission Yes
    - Timesheet detect if clocked in the current project Yes
    - Remove the Expenses table Yes
    - Fix properties add/remove bugs Yes
    - Fix Members add/remove bugs Yes
    - Sum Total Budget in bids and overview Yes
    - Import template data to create a project Yes
    - Allow modifying statuses from project templates Yes
    - When creating a project and selecting a template hide some parameters from the selection Yes
    - rebuild milestones for new projects Yes
    - rebuild gannet view for new projects Yes
    - Integrate new projects to heat map Yes
    - integrate new projects into history tracking Yes
     -Show Bids side by side Yes
    - Access set Default clock in/ Clock Out Yes
    - Remove the Expenses table Yes
    - Fix properties add/remove bugs Yes
    - Fix Members add/remove bugs Yes
    - Update Bids Bid/Total Yes
    - Sum Total Budget in bids and overview Yes
    - Import template data to create project Yes
    - Allow modifying statuses from project templates Yes
    - When creating a project and selecting a template hide some parameters from the selection Yes
    1 CC Spreadsheet online: a plug-in with a function similar in concept to the Site Tracker.  The form will be beautified and exhibit dynamic reporting.  Yes This will continue to be updated as we use
    2 Bulk property Management
    3 Chat System, that allows organizations to chat with other companies and share screens to work on the same project Yes Beta only users
    4 Progress Bar added in Inspections Page  Most of these items are on hold under we have an agreement of some kind.  Yes Live

    1 Cabinets Project:
    2 Property Inspection: Yes added progress bar
    3 Ability to share with carrier  Yes  Live
    4 Ability to transfer equipment with a QR code Coming soon
    5 Dashboard for customers.   Custom per company.

    Inventory system
    1 The inventory system includes a Browse inventory button, a Scanner button to show the list of items, etc. No Due to the size the project is taking longer than expected 
    2 Ability to track both internal and external equipment Yes Coming soon
    3 Audit inventory system Yes Coming soon
    4 Automated bom uploader Yes Planning
    5 Vehicle and Trailer tracker for company-supplied equipment No Coming soon
    6 Test equipment tracking with calibration due to reminders Coming soon
    7 Ability to move entire contents of a container from B to B    Coming soon

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