Update 4/1/2021

Update 4/1/2021
  • Standardized forms can be imported.  
  • Standardized project templates can be imported
  • Standardized checklists can now be imported. 
  • Added hundreds of wireless specific templates
  • Ability to add examples for each checklist item
  • Ability to add contacts to groups by drag and drop
  • Ability to duplicate checklists
  • Ability to add, edit and change categories in templates 
  • Ability to Locate the closest hospital and inject it into the safety login form
  • Ability to create clock in and clock out specific requirements. 
  • Ability to expand and collapse the checklist items
  • Ability to approve items and send notification
  • Ability to tag property
  • Ability to select N/A
  • Ability to lock 360 starting point
  • Increased performance 
  • Updated user interface 
  • Changed the date format to M/D/Year
  • More.....
Coming soon:
  • Task comments
  • Project page update 
  • Dashboard overview
  • Update profiles 

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