Update 9/27/2021


·   Added: Offline mode prototype is ready.
        Things you can do:
       -Queue a file offline
       -Remove a file from Queue
       -Remove All Files from Queue
       -Upload A file from Queue (safe upload if you leave page or it fails, file remains)
       -Upload All button works now.
       -Track total used space locally
       -track progress of upload with individualized accurate progress bar.
       -Queue system implemented to Task uploads directly without a checklist item
       -detects if you are offline and prevents upload buttons from being clicked.

Things left to do:
     -Change designated Task
     -Change/cancel designated Item
The to do list content is all about improvements. so essentially this may already be ready for a limited release.
we need a disclaimer that since the data is stored locally. we are not responsible for data loss.

·   Added: JSA dashboard, You can see all JSA's in 1 place JSA live
·   Added: Ability to set a time budget on projects
·   Added: Ability to request access to property
·   Improved: Actionable JSA Live
·   Improved: Standard checklists and forms

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