REAC - Site Inspection - Play Areas and Equipment

Play Areas and Equipment

An outdoor area set aside for recreation or play, especially one containing equipment such as seesaws and swings.


This inspectable item can have the following deficiencies:

  • Damaged/Broken Equipment
  • Deteriorated Play Area Surface


Damaged/Broken Equipment

Deficiency: Equipment is broken into pieces, shattered, incomplete, or inoperable.


Note: Do not evaluate equipment that the POA states have been withdrawn from service, except when safety is still a concern, such as sharp edges, dangerous leaning, etc. For example, if the POA removed the net and hoop from a basketball backboard and the backboard poses no safety hazards, it is not a deficiency.


Level of Deficiency:

Level 1: You see that some of the equipment, 20% to 50%, does not operate as it should, but poses no safety risk.

Level 2: You see that most of the equipment, more than 50%, does not operate as it should, but poses no safety risk.

Level 3: You see equipment that poses a threat to safety and could cause injury.


Deteriorated Play Area Surface

Deficiency: You see damage to a play area surface caused by cracking, heaving, settling, ponding, potholes, loose materials, erosion, rutting, etc.


Level of Deficiency:


Level 1: N/A

Level 2: 20% to 50% of the total surveyed play area surface shows deterioration.

Level 3: More than 50% of the surveyed play area surface shows deterioration.



Level 3: If the play area surface could cause tripping or falling, you must

manually record this deficiency under "Hazards (Health and Safety)."

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