Exporting/Downloading Project Data

Downloading the Project details as a PDF

To download a PDF of all the details for a specific project, click on the “Projects” tab and locate your project (for details on how to do this see “Managing Your Projects”). Open the project dashboard by clicking on the “dashboard” icon in the Projects screen.

In the project dashboard screen, click on the “Download PDF” link in the “Additional Actions” section on the right-hand side. You will be prompted to either open the PDF file or save it to your computer.

Note that this PDF will not include bid information for the project.


Exporting Bid Details to CSV and email

You can export the details of all the bids that have been received on a specific project as a Microsoft Excel Comma Separated Values (CSV) File. This file can either be saved to your computer or emailed to one or more people directly from the TracFax system.

Locate the relevant project in the TracFax system (for details on how to do this see “Managing Your Projects”) and click on the “bids” icon alongside the project name.

To export the file and save it to your computer, click on the “Export to CSV” button on the right of the bids screen. You will be prompted by a pop-up to either open or save the file.

To export the file and email it, click on the “Export and Mail” button on the right side of the bids screen. In the pop-up which appears, enter the email address(es) of the intended recipient(s) into the “Email Addresses” box. Separate individual email addresses with commas.

The name of the project will automatically be entered into the “subject” field to be displayed as the subject line of the email, but you may edit this if you wish before sending the email. A default message will automatically be entered into the “message” field, but you may edit this if you wish before sending the email.

Click on the “Send Message” button to send the email to the specified recipients with the CSV file as an attachment.

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