REAC - Site Inspection - Market Appeal

Market Appeal (Site)


Evaluate only those areas or structures that are under the control of the housing provider.


This inspectable item can have the following deficiencies:

  • Graffiti
  • Litter


Graffiti (Market Appeal – Site)


Deficiency: You see crude inscriptions or drawings scratched, painted, or sprayed on a building surface, retaining wall, or fence that the public can see from 30 feet away.


Note: There is a difference between art forms and graffiti. Do not consider full wall murals and other art forms as graffiti.


Level of Deficiency:


Level 1: You see graffiti in 1 place.

Level 2: You see graffiti in 2 to 5 places.

Level 3: You see graffiti in 6 or more places.


Litter (Market Appeal – Site)


Deficiency: There is a disorderly accumulation of objects on the property, especially carelessly discarded trash.


Note: Judge litter as you would judge the condition of a city park in America. Do not include these as litter:

  1. Litter left behind in the path of a recent garbage collection.
  2. Litter that maintenance personnel are collecting and removing during your inspection.


Level of Deficiency:


Level 1: N/A

Level 2: You see excessive litter on the property.

Level 3: N/A

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