REAC - Building Systems - Emergency Power

Emergency Power

Standby/backup equipment intended to supply illumination or power or both, (battery or generator set) during utility outage.


This inspectable item can have the following deficiencies:

  • Auxiliary Lighting Inoperable
  • Run-Up Records/Documentation Not Available

Auxiliary Lighting Inoperable

Deficiency: Emergency lighting that provides illumination during power outages does not function as it should.


Level of Deficiency:

Level 1: N/A

Level 2: N/A

Level 3: Auxiliary lighting does not function.


Run-Up Records/Documentation Not Available

Deficiency: Records are not properly maintained or available.


Level of Deficiency:

Level 1: N/A

Level 2: Current records, from the last 12 months, are lost, but older records are properly maintained and available.

Level 3: No records are available.


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