Managing Your Projects

TracFax makes it simple for property managers to keep track of a large number of different projects. This guide will show you how to:

  • Locate Your Projects by Project Status
  • Search For A Specific Project By Property or Date
  • Review Details For A Specific Project
  • Cancel a Project
  • Duplicate a Project

For information on how to edit an existing project, see our separate guide “Amending an Existing Project”. For information on how to manage bids on your project, including accepting a winning bid, see our separate guide “Managing Bids”.

Locating Your Projects by Project Status

To locate, review and update/edit your projects, click on the “Projects” button at the top of the TracFax page.

Your projects are divided into four different categories based on their current status. The projects falling into each of these categories can be accessed by clicking the relevant tabs down the left hand side of the screen. A red numbered icon indicates at-a-glance how many of each type of project are currently associated with your account. The four categories of project are: 

  • New – projects which have been created in TracFax but which have not yet been opened for bidding
  • Open – projects which have been opened for bidding but have not yet reached the bid deadline
  • Award – projects where the bid deadline has passed but you have yet to award the business to a bidder
  • Review – projects which have been awarded to a specific service provider and are awaiting your feedback on the quality of the completed work.

In order to find a specific project more quickly, you can opt to sort the contents of each category either by the date on which the project was created or by the project name. To alternate between these sorting methods, select either “Created Date” or “Project Name” from the drop-down at the top right of the screen.

Searching For a Specific Project by Property or Date

You can also search for a specific project using a variety of criteria by clicking on the “Search” tab. This can be found beneath the category tabs at the left hand side of the “Projects” screen.

Click in the “date range” field to select date-based search criteria. This will allow you to search for projects based on their creation date, for example: projects created today, in the last 30 days, so far this year, on a specific date, before a specific date, after a specific date or within a specific date range. Click on the “Search” button to display all projects that meet the specific criteria.

Also within the Search tab, the “Property” drop-down allows you to display only the projects associated with a specific property. Type the initial letter of a property name to jump straight to the correct part of the alphabetical list. Select your property from the list and click on the “Search” button to display all projects for that property.

To obtain the most accurate search results, set criteria in both the “Date Range” and “Property” fields before clicking the “Search” button to perform a combined search.

Reviewing Details for a Specific Project

Whether you locate a list of projects using the Search function or by selecting a category tab, the list of projects which match your criteria will be displayed in a summary table with the following information displayed for each project:

  • Project Name
  • Number of properties involved in the project
  • Number of services required as part of the project
  • Created date (for New projects) or Bid Deadline (for projects that have opened for bidding)
  • The Project winner (if applicable)

For projects that have been opened for bidding, a “bids” icon will also be shown and if any bids have been received, a red numbered icon will indicate the total number received to date. Click on the bids icon to access the bids associated to the project.

A “dashboard” icon will also be shown for each project. Clicking on this icon, or on the project name, will take you to overview dashboard for the project. The Dashboard screen provides an at-a-glance overview of your project. At the top of the page you will be prompted to take any actions which are appropriate to the current status of your project – such as opening bidding, inviting service providers, adding further detail, reviewing bids or awarding the business.

For more information on how to update/amend the details for an existing project, please see our help guide to “Amending an Existing Project”.

Cancelling a Project

To cancel a project, locate the project in the TracFax system (for details on how to do this see “Managing Your Projects” above) and open the project dashboard by clicking on the “dashboard” icon in the Projects screen.

In the project dashboard screen, click on the “Cancel the Project” link in the “Additional Actions” section which appears on the right hand side. You will be asked to confirm whether you want to cancel the project.

Note that cancelling a project will permanently remove it from the TracFax system. You cannot re-start the project once it has been cancelled. Service providers who have previously been associated to the project will be notified that the project has been cancelled.

Duplicating a Project

If you wish to create a new project which is largely the same as a previous one, you can make a duplicate copy of the original project and make the necessary changes rather than starting from scratch.

To do this, locate the original project in the TracFax system (for details on how to do this see “Managing Your Projects” above) and open the project dashboard by clicking on the “dashboard” icon in the Projects screen.

In the project dashboard screen, click on the “Duplicate Project” link in the “Additional Actions” section which appears on the right hand side. A new project will be created and you will be taken to the Dashboard screen for this new project.

Note that the name of the new project will be the same as the original project but with the word “copy” at the end. To update this name to a more appropriate one or to change the description from the one entered for the original project, click on the “overview” tab on the left hand side.

You can use the other tabs such as properties, scope of work, pricing etc. to make any changes required to reflect differences in this project from the original one you duplicated. For more detail on how to carry out these tasks, see our guide “Amending an Existing Project”.

Remember that you will need to open this new project for bidding, even if the one you duplicated was already open for bidding.

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