Clocking In and Out of Tasks

Clocking In and Out of Tasks.

Using TracFax to log the time spent on each project is helpful not only to see who is working on what and when but to help determine how long certain tasks take in projects which helps to estimate completion and prepare for a seamless transition to the next project. 

To start, navigate to the property and task you have been assigned.  Open the note or task and look for the green “clock in” button at the top.

When the clock in button is clicked, the screen will update and the button will now change to a red “clock out”

When you are completed with the task or done for the time being, click the “clock out” button. 

At this point you will see the timesheet pop up.  Your company may request that you confirm steps prior to clocking out, but for this example, just click the green clock out to confirm. 

To check your hours, click on the time sheet button at the top to view all of the hours on that task that have been recorded. 

Clocking in on a project task is nearly identical to a property note or task. 

Navigate to the project tab and open the project.

Click the workflow tasks and choose the one you are working on. 

Open the task, clock in with the green button, clock out after you are done with the red one.  Confirm clock out with the check out pop up.

Again, view the hours on a project task b y clicking on the same time sheet button. 

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