TracFax Implementation Checklist


The following lists of items are beneficial to have during the initial implementation of TracFax Corporate. Not all items are required and can always be added at a later date. Some of the items will be developed during the implementation.


  1. Property List- A list of properties either in a spreadsheet or csv file. For each property we would ideally have property name, address and property type. (association, apartment, duplex office etc..)
  2. User List- First Name, Last Name and email address of all users. Each user can have either an Administrator, Super User or Standard role. If Standard User roles are setup a list of properties for each user will also be needed.

●        Standard User: Only has access to projects and properties you designate or they create.

●        Super User: Has access to all projects and properties, but not the Admin section.

●        Administrator: Has access to everything, including the Admin section.


  1. Scope of Work standards for services-Standard scope of work descriptions for targeted services and list of standard project types. Property and project specifics should be highlighted in the Scope of Work.
  2. Standard Project Descriptions and Instructions- Standard language that is included in every new project created. This is typically instructions about the process and information about contact procedures.
  3. Standard Award Project Message- When a project is awarded the service provider will receive a message typically with instructions on contract process and next steps.
  4. Terms & Conditions-If the digital signatures and digital contracts are going to be utilized the default Terms and Conditions should be entered.
  5. Auto Match Preferences-What is the default number of bids to receive.
  6. Service Provider List- Preferred Service Providers can be added via email. A comma separated list of emails can be pasted in to do bulk invites. A customized message to the services providers can be created.
  7. Property Report Templates-List of Property Report Templates required.


**At the completion of the implementation process a Company specific help sheet can be created for each of the users.


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