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Tuesday Tips & Tricks for November 3rd, 2020

Do you occasionally find that a task or set of requirements is missing a step or there is something that needs to be recorded separate from the required task laid out? 

Do you want your team to be able to quickly document changes or damage while accurately describing the issue to you? 

Update Checklists on the Fly

Using checklists in TracFax allows you to do all of this.  Tasks checklists can be easily updated in 2-4 simple steps by anyone working on a site, project, or task.  They are able to either create a new checklist and rename it as needed or they can add additional checklist items to an existing checklist.  New checklist items are added by clicking the “add item” button and then writing a quick description of the new item.  Edit it further to add a photo requirement in one click, or drag it to a different position on the checklist order if you want to. 

For a quick video tutorial, log into your TracFax account and click the “?” for our How To Guide

Search “Updating Checklists” or search key words from the title. 

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