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Tuesday Tips & Tricks

Tuesday Tips & Tricks for November 10th, 2020

“Filtering by Property Category

Do you want to customize your search to be able to see only the properties of interest on the heat map? Creating and using Property Categories allows you to filter your search to suit your company’s individual needs. Today, we will focus on explaining how to add and use the Property Category feature to sort your properties by a desired criterion.

Our starting point is in the Set up & Property Details. Choose the property type you would like to add and create a new field to search by. To use the newly added search criterion you will need to add it to the property of interest via property details. Now, go to the heat map to view your search options. You are all set to filter properties by the newly added criterion limiting the amount of displayed properties on the heat map to the ones that pertain to your search.


Check out our video tutorial entitled “Filtering by Property Category” by logging in to your TracFax account to view the video or reach out to for more information or a video on how to sign up as a new user!

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