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Tuesday Tips & Tricks for November 10th, 2020

“Using the Pricing Feature to Track Workflow in a Project”

TracFax offers many ways to monitor the progress of your projects whether they are onsite or still in planning and approval stages. For instance, the Progress Bar facilitates the overview of workflow and completion rate of a project. The Activity Report conveniently summarizes the status of each task. The “Clock In” feature helps tracking time spent in each task within a project. The Pricing feature though, is used to generate tasks and can be applied for both internally and externally assigned projects as well as projects created and sent out for bidding. Each of these tools allow you to holistically assess the progress of a project as well as help prepare you for the upcoming tasks and projects.

"How does this help me and my business?"

By utilizing the Pricing feature in the Specifications, you can create Tasks in the Activity Report.  The changes in status of a Task from “Not Started” to “In Progress” and finally to “Complete”, will be updated in the Progress Bar with a rate of completion.  By accessing the Activity Report Tab within a Project, you can view Task Statuses and Progress Bar thus, assess how far along a Project is.  This will allow you to estimate project completion as well as the availability of your team for work on the next Project.  Besides, the “Clock In” feature helps you evaluate productivity via tracking the time spent on each task.  As a result, you will be able to monitor the efficiency of individuals, crews, and to estimate the amount of time needed to complete the individual task in that Project Type. Overall, this will make your business more efficient by further refining your ability to predict workflow rates and availability.


Check out our video tutorial entitled “Using Pricing to Track Workflow in Projects” by logging in to your TracFax account to view the video or reach out to for more information or a video on how to sign up as a new user!

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