Using TracFax Lite

Welcome to TracFax Training – this video is on Using TracFax Lite, our offline app for Android

First, Open the app  to enter your credentials

Use your email and password from TracFax to sign in


Your opening page is the property page.  As new properties are assigned to you they will show up on this screen.


Your first step every time you log in is going to be to sync your app. 

Click the upper left menu button.

Select “SYNC” and wait for the notification to clear.

Do this while you have cellular or wifi service before you get to the site.

This will update all of the information in your app to what is current in TracFax.

If your company is using the TracFax QR codes to check in to sites, click here and then align your camera to capture the QR Code.

Head back to the main screen by clicking Properties

To open a property, click the name.

The Property view consists of the Property Details, and the buttons for notes and tasks, The TF button for Projects and Inspections, and the property home button.


Starting with Property notes and tasks, click the clipboard icon to open them

We will go over how to work with notes and tasks in the inspections overview


Click the TF icon to access Inspections

This is your inspections page and it lists of all the inspections on this property

Click the one you want to open.


These are the tasks for the inspection.

Click the title of the task to open it.


When a note or task is opened you will see the information from the description.  Depending on the note or task, you will either see “no description created” or information regarding the task. 

Next click on the checklists icon in the bottom right.

Click on a step to view any details of it.

Here you see it was created on 11/22/20 and there were no photos attached at your last sync

(remember this is an offline version.  Your app will only show what you add and will not link to your teammates until you get back to service and fully sync with TracFax online)


To add a photo to the checklist item, click the red camera button

You will be prompted to upload a new or existing photo. 

First, lets do an existing photo.  Choose the gallery and select by tapping on the photo you want to add.

The photo will automatically attach and upload to tracfax when you have service or wifi again.


Next are comments and photos on the task

Click the TF icon to load the comments and photos

Click the comments button to add a comment

Write your comment and either click the airplane icon to send or add a photo if needed by clicking the camera icon.

Clicking the camera will open up the camera function only. 

Now, line up your shot and take the photo.  If you have held your phone vertically, your photo will turn out like this.

Instead, Click your back button and try taking it again. This time turning it sideways for landscape. 

Click “Done” to finish or “more pictures” to add additional photos

After clicking done you will see your comment and the photos that have been included

Click the airplane to send it in to the task or note

You will now see it as a pending comment

Next, click the TF icon to add a photo. 

This function will allow you to upload from your existing photos or take a new one following the steps we have already covered.


Now, click the TF Icon to navigate to projects

Click the projects icon to open projects for this property

This is the projects page and it lists of all the active projects on this property

Click the one you want to open.


The first screen of a project is the description.  Make sure to read any pertinent information on the project here.

Click the clipboard icon to open the task list

You can see the task list in a project looks exactly like a task list in an inspection. 

Click the task to open it

Again, the details for the task will be here if there are any.

Click the checklist icon in the bottom right to open the checklist

Checklists in Projects also look the same as in inspections.

Click the red camera to add a photo

Select how you want to add the photo and complete the checklist item.

Clicking the TF button in the checklist will again allow you to add photos and comments to the task.


And now you have all the steps needed to complete any note, task, inspection, or project within TracFax while on a site with no service. 


Please reach out to with any questions or concerns regarding training or software.  Thank you

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