User - Editing Profiles from the Admin Panel

Editing Profiles from the Admin Panel

Employees should watch the video on “Updating your profile” for information on what they can edit.  This video will focus on what Admin users are able to do.

After a user has logged in and confirmed their account, you will be able to update their account with additional information and make changes as well. 

To Start, click on a user to open up their profile. 

  • To keep them as an employee but turn their profile “off” flip the toggle button. This will keep them on your list but remove them as an active user.  This will also mean they do not show up in the list for assigning a task or project. 
  • To delete a user, click the red trash can button
  • To edit a user’s Basic Details, click the green edit button.
    • Update anything you see in the window; email, name, phone number, admin access, or role.
    • Click confirm to save
  • To update a profile photo, click in the photo area and upload from your device.


Next is Certification and Compensation

  • Credits are added as a user completes tasks. This will help to track the skill of a user as well as gauge their proficiency.  As new users are added, they start at zero.  If you have a new hire that is experienced, you can use the slide bar to add Credits to their profile preemptively.
  • Skills are added based on the user’s knowledge and experience. Examples of skills are Competent Rigger, Word, Excel, Carpet Installation, etc.  Simply type in the skill and click the green plus to add it.  When added, you will see it listed below.
  • Certifications are added as each user becomes more proficient in their skills and adds certifications.
    • To add a certification, click the badge icon to the right.
      • Enter the name of the certification and slide the toggle for document requirement. This will require a document to be attached for the certification to be active. 
      • Click, select a badge to add an Icon.
      • Choose a pre-defined badge from the template list and it will now be added under Certifications.
    • To add your own badge, click the green plus and select a photo you want to add for the badge
    • Now that the certification and badge are in place, it will be greyed out until the documentation is added.
    • To add the documentation, click the badge and open it. Select the certification document to attach.
      • When the documentation has been added the badge will now show in color
    • You are now able to click on the badge to view the certification or you can click the print button to show all of the certification documentation.
      • This is very handy on a jobsite when a user needs to show proof of certification for safety documentation.

Once a certification has been fully executed in a user’s profile, it will also show under their name when they are logged in next.


Thanks for watching and remember to check your knowledge base for more useful tips or email us at with any questions



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