Training Outline


  1. Create a Project 
    1. Go to the property, click the project tab, click the green “create a project” line 
    2. Select the notes that are pertinent to the project 
    3. Click Create 
    4. Select the project type 
      1. Choose from the templates 
      2. Use green plus to create your own 
        1. Creation of templates will be discussed in further detail below 
    5. New Project 
      1. Update the Name of the new project  
      2. Click Create Project 
    6. Specifications Tab 
    7. Section 1. Project Summary 
      1. Edit the Project Summary 
        1. This is a basic introduction to the project.  
        2. Go over who you are, how to submit, and any other basic requirements 
    8. Section 2. Properties 
      1. This section shows which property(s) the project covers 
        1. If there are multiple properties included in the project, you should have them all included here.  
          1. If you need to add an additional property, use the drop down in the top right to select another property 
            1. You will be prompted to select the notes you wish to include on the project for the new property(s) 
        2. This section also covers the notes for each property that are included in the project.  
    9. Section 3. Pricing 
      1. Pricing Types 
        1. General Project Pricing 
          1. This is a pricing that is encompassing the entire project.  
            1. An example would be lawn mowing for an entire property each month or each time 
        2. Pricing Item for all Properties 
          1. This is a pricing that would be set up in a per property basis and apply to all properties 
            1. An example would be lawn mowing at a townhouse complex.  Each yard is the same cost and the pricing is per yard per property. 
        3. Pricing item for a specific property 
          1. This is a pricing item that would be set for a single property for an item that might be a one off or specific to only a certain property.  
          2. Used when you have multiple properties on a single project 
            1. An example would be lawn mowing monthly for yard A and lawn mowing monthly for yard B 
      2. Creating a new pricing line item. 
        1. Select the type from the upper left corner of the section 
        2. Enter a description for the pricing item 
          1. Example – Lawn Mowing  
        3. Enter a "per unit"  
          1. Example - per month, per hour, per snow plow, per sq ft, or any other version that works for your company 
        4. Enter quantity 
          1. Enter the number of times for this line item.   
          2. Example : A monthly summer lawn contract for 6 months 
      1. Editing/Deleting a Pricing line Item 
        1. To the right of an existing line item are two buttons. 
          1. The circle with pencil allows you to edit. Follow the same directions as creating a new line item 
          2. The circle with x allows you to delete.  
    10. Section 4. Questions for Service Providers 
      1. Use this section to ask questions that you need to know from all of your providers.  
        1. Use this to clarify other services you might need.  
        2. Clarify information about their company (size, ability to do the work in the time allotted) 
        3. Clarify Insurance or other requirements that you will need them to provide 
      2. Use the green plus button to add each new question.  
    11. Section 5. Scheduling 
      1. Visits 
      1. This details how you want to set up site visits if they are needed to complete the bid.  
        1. By appointment 
        2. Without Appointment 
      2. Timeline for project 
      1. When bidding is closed  
      2. When the project will be awarded 
      3. When the project should begin 
      4. When the project should be completed.  
    12. Section 6. Detailed Requirements 
      1. This is your specifications section.   
        1. Outline your detailed steps for completion 
        2. Include any expectations 
    13. Services 
      1. This is the section for the Auto-Match to choose service fields to match additional contractors to for the project.  
    14. Section 7. Terms and Conditions 
      1. If your company has a contract to use with service providers, it would be detailed here.   
    15. Section 8. Minimum bids and invite providers 
      1. Support ticket added to fix this area 
    16. Section 9. Open for Bidding 
      1. When ready, click the Open for Bidding 
        1. This will send out the emails to your Service Providers you have Selected as well as the ones set up to Auto Match 
        2. It will open the project on the property page and in the projects section 
    17. Assigning a project 
      1. There are times that you will not be sending a project out to bid but will be "assigning" them to a person or crew within your own group.  
        1. Create the project as above using Sections 1-3 and 5 
        2. Skip Sections 4 and 6-9 
        3. Click in the upper right corner with the "finger pointing" button or down at the bottom of the page to "assign" the project.  
        4. A new window will pop up to allow you to assign and complete the pricing 
        5. Assign to either individual persons and update their role permissions for the project.  
        6. Assign to a group (optional) 
        7. Enter in the pricing information for the project 
  2. Bids 
    1. When a project is open, you can now view the "bids" tab 
      1. On the left are the providers that have been invited to the project. 
        1. These providers will switch to "waiting for bid" when they have opened the invite email and accepted the project to bid.  
      2. Previous service providers are listed next 
        1. These are providers who have declined the project or you have removed. 
      3. You can add additional providers by  
        1. Using the "invite service provider" drop down 
          1. You can invite by email or invite by preferred vendor 
        2. Using the Auto Match 
          1. Click the Auto Match and a list of potential providers will show up 
          2. A company photo/logo, their name, distance to the property(s), a link to their profile, and link to add them to the project shows up 
          3. Click the profile link to get more familiar with the service provider 
          4. Click "add to project" to invite them to bid on the project. 
    2. When a Service provider has submitted their bid, they will be removed from the list on the right and will now be viewed in the main screen with their bid  
      1. After a bid has been submitted a few new options will be available.  
        1. See the bid including pricing, answers to any questions you requested, and any documents they have uploaded.  
        2. You may send a private message to the provider to clarify if needed.  
        3. If needed, a rebid request is an option 
    3. When you have enough bids to compare and you are ready to choose a provider, click the Award Project button under the provider you wish to select 
  3. Contracts 
    1. After a project has been awarded, the contract needs to be generated and signed.  
    2. To create the contract 
      1. First select an authorized signer from your company 
      2. The service provider will automatically be added as a signer for the provider side.  
      3. Click on "generate contract" 
      4. Created support ticket for this 
  4. Budgets 
    1. Budgets are used for draw based projects for new construction builds 
  5. Activity Report 
    1. The Activity Report Tab is the working section of the Project.  It includes three main sections.  Specifications, Timesheet, and Project Drivers 
      1. Specifications 
        1. These include all the notes from the Property that were included for the project 
      2. Timesheet 
        1. This is a record of all the time logged working on the actual project.  
        2. This is for the service provider to clock in and out of while they are onsite and completing work 
        3. Project Drivers 
          1. Each of the pricing line items in the project are now listed as tasks/notes that need to be completed  
          2. Each driver can have a description added as well as checklists.   
            1. See the training on notes for further information on these and how they work 

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