Overview of the Heat Map, Live Feed, and Projects

A short tutorial on how to navigate the Heat Map, use Filters, view the Live Feed, and access Projects.  

Video on Overview of the Heat Map, Live Feed, and Projects

This video is a general overview of the above features.  Additional information these areas is located within the Knowledge Base or reach out to support@tracfax.com for additional training.

Filtering the Heat Map and basic Project overview.


At log in your initial view will be the heat map.

This is an overview of the properties you have access to and their current activity.

To see only what is important to you, use the filters on the right.

By changing our current filters to remove Active Projects and Active Inspections, we now see the pins only for properties with active users, new updates, or require feedback. 

We will now be better able to view the properties with current activity and see the live feed.

When viewing the live feed, the first item that is shown is who is active on the site.  Next would be tasks that are awaiting feedback, third would be projects or inspections, and finally the latest updates on that property.


To view all of the projects you have access to or have been assigned, click the left menu and choose “My Projects”

This is an overview of all of the projects at a glance where you can view their overall progress, see which locations are included in a project, and navigate to the individual projects from here.


On each project, view the Activity Report tab for the current information and updates.

The project status and completion bar are at the top. Under this is specifications which includes your project requirements. The timesheet which is used to track when the project is being worked on.

The tasks for each site are listed first by property name and the workflow of the project.

To review the total activitiy on the project, click the brown activity log button on the right.


To print, click the red document button, choose the report details and click print.  

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