Generating Reports

The TracFax system allows users to generate a report detailing all the projects that have been awarded in a particular timeframe. Note that within the TracFax Corporate Edition; only Super Users and Admin Users can generate reports.

The generated report is displayed on screen and can then be exported as an Excel Comma Separated Values (CSV) file if required.

Click on the “reports” button at the top of the screen. Click in the “date range” box to be presented with a list of options for the range of dates you wish to report on:

  • Last 30 Days
  • Year To Date
  • Specific Date
  • All Dates Before
  • All Dates After
  • Date Range

Click on the option of your choice. Selecting one of the final four options will result in the display of a calendar to allow you to pick specific dates.

Click the “Generate Report” button. The report will be generated and displayed on screen.

To export the file and save it to your computer, click on the “Export to CSV” button on the right of the screen. You will be prompted by a pop-up to either open or save the file.

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