Bidding a New Project

You are here because you have been asked to bid on a new project and I'm here to walk you through that first bid and help you so you know what to expect.

When you log in, go to your projects page, look for the one marked “new”, and click on it to open.  You will want to first review the specifications tab to see if it is a project that fits your companies area of work as well as if it is something you would like to bid on.  If you have questions that are not answered in the specifications or attached documentation, feel free to click the “send message” button to ask a question. 


When you have reviewed the specifications and decided you would like to consider bidding click on the “accept invite” button.  This does not obligate you to submit a bid but it lets the Contractor know you are interested and reviewing the project for bidding. 


Once you have accepted the invite, you can now enter amounts in the bid form tab.  As you see at the top, you can always decline the invite after you have accepted.  Make sure that if you choose to not bid, you do click that decline button to let the contractor know they should not be waiting on a bid from you. 

Creating the bid is pretty straightforward.  You can choose to put a cost on each line item or you can do an overall cost by adding it to the top line and entering zeros for the remaining line items.  Unless a contractor has specifically requested you price it one way or another, you can do either.  Just check the bottom bid total to make sure you are submitting the correct price overall.

Additional files may need to be included or comments with the bid submission.  Feel free to upload anything that is requested by the contractor in the original specifications.  If there are questions that need to be answered, include those here as well. 


Clicking on Submit Bid at the bottom will lock your pricing and send your bid to the contractor to review.  When the contractor has reviewed and accepted your bid, your projects page will now look like this.  


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