Adding Photos or Files to Checklists - Update 11/16/20

Adding Photos or Files to Checklists from a Computer

Updated 11/16/20

To start, you will need to require a checklist item have an attachment.

To do this, click the green gear button to edit the Checklist

From the Edit Checklist screen, you can

Change the order of any item by clicking the blue directional icon and dragging to a new location

Delete an item by clicking the red trash can

To change the photo or file requirement, slide the toggle to the right to add the requirement.

Click Close to save the changes


The Checklist item will now show a pale red camera icon inside the check space. 

Click this to add your files from your computer or laptop.  Both photos and documents can be added this way.

Once it is selected, it will automatically be attached to the checklist item and mark itself complete.

Adding Photos or Files to Checklists from a Mobile Device

Follow the same procedure as a computer for editing the checklists. 

Adding photos on your mobile device will look a little different than on your computer.

The Checklist item will now show a pale red paperclip inside the check space. 

To add a photo, click the camera icon to the right. 

This will automatically open your camera app on the mobile device and allow you to take the needed photo.

When you take the photo, it will automatically add the photo in to the checklist item

If you need to take another photo, click the camera icon again to open the app and take another photo. 

If a document or photo is what is needed, you can still tap the checklist button and your mobile device will open up and allow you to choose photos or documents. 

Select the document and it will automatically attach to the checklist item.  To add a second file or photo, uncheck the line item and repeat. 

For items that do not have required documentation, simply click and check it off.  No further action is required. 

If there is an item that does not require a photo but you want to add it, simply click the camera icon to the right and it will add it for you. 



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